Fichtner Environment, an important name in the Romanian consultancy and environmental infrastructure engineering market, was established in 2005 through a partnership with Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG, a leading, independent engineering and consultancy firm in Germany. The consultancy and engineering services offered by Fichtner Environment target a variety of sectors, such as Water and Infrastructure, Waste Management, Energy, Air Quality, Biodiversity, Consulting and IT.

Moreover, the company offers public awareness services, professional empowerment services and institutional consolidation services. Among our company’s clients are national government entities, local and regional administrations, public service companies, as well as private companies.

We stand for an exceptional level of expertise, professional and innovative ways of problem-solving, sustainability, high quality, and effective use of resources. Our focus is on providing independent and impartial consultancy with bespoke solutions that best meet the needs of our clients worldwide.

If these challenges are to be met over the long term, a code of practice is needed. It is based on our binding Corporate Philosophy, which enshrines our values. It is binding on our staff members with senior executives setting an example in this regard.

Just as a company needs to adapt to new developments in the marketplace, so too does our Corporate Philosophy need a degree of flexibility to keep pace with social and regulatory change. We wish to accomplish this together. We call upon you, our colleagues, to back us up in this through your constructive criticism.


Our identity and future prospects

Our expertise and capabilities

We, as an independent, medium-sized consultancy and engineering firm, stand for intellectual and economic independence. Free from third-party interests, we guarantee the impartiality of the results of our work.

Our economic independence and sound corporate finances are backed up by efficient working practices and cost-awareness – particularly in the interests of our clients – that ensure our competitiveness. Furthermore, providing job security is important for us and a key element of our strategy.

Our independence

We are a medium-size consultancy firm, with both financial and intelectual independence.
Free from third-party interests, we guarantee the impartiality of the results of our work.
Our material independence and sound corporate finances are backed up by efficient working practices and cost-awareness, also in the interests of our clients, that ensure our competitiveness. Profitability at a level to secure our long-term survival and the continued development of our business has priority over the equally pursued goal of further growth.

Our staff

Only a first-class workforce can deliver expertise of the highest standard. Our priority is thus to recruit highly competent members of staff, develop their skills and win their loyalty. To assist in this, we provide relevant training for all staff. In doing so, we aim for our vision of a workforce made up of highly qualified experts and managers.

Our quality standards

A key element of our quality assurance is the high level of qualification of our staff members. Our quality standards are based on the requirements agreed with our clients. ISO 9001, among others, serves as a basis for this.

Fichtner Environment is certified according to the following standards:
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015;
Environment Quality System ISO 14001:2015;
Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007;
Information Security Management System ISO 27001: 2013.

Our working methods and procedures undergo continuous improvement, and we apply high-grade tools and quality assurance to guarantee efficient rendering of our high-quality services. The client’s best interests are of paramount importance for us.

Our capacity for innovation

Innovation, as a constant element of our entrepreneurial activity, ensures that we offer the largest possible range of services made up of technologies that lie in future-oriented growth markets. Our capacity for innovation also includes receptiveness to new developments and a willingness to press ahead with unconventional solutions. Another element of our capacity for innovation is the courage to take on acceptable levels of risk and, where necessary, to learn our lessons when things do not go according to plan.

Our future prospects

Our goal is to safeguard what we have achieved and to secure our market position. As in the past, we aim to identify new market trends in a timely manner and to position ourselves accordingly, and for this we are well equipped. We intend to consolidate our leading position in our traditional markets and to generate unforced and appropriate growth without overextending our finances or calling into question our independence. We will develop new areas of business on a scale commensurate with the range of services we offer.


Our field of activity

Our clients

As a major engineering consultancy firm, we are active in many fields and offer our services around the world. Our clients include public and private sector infrastructure providers such as power utilities, local authorities, municipal utilities, water supply and sanitation companies as well as waste management and transport services.

In the company’s almost 13 years of activity, our experts have been involved in the unfolding of various medium and large scale projects in the Environmental Protection sector. Most of these projects have international financing (EU, World Bank, etc.) and the beneficiaries of our services have been local administrations, central institutions as well as private companies.

Our areas of business

We work in four main areas: Energy, Renewable Energies & Environment, Water & Infrastructure as well as Consulting & IT. In these, we offer a complete spectrum of high-quality engineering and con-sultancy services.

  • In the Energy sector – For Overhead Electricity Lines, Fichtner Environment offers: design services to help choose a direction, the placement and static calculation of poles, making conceptual plans, consulting services: technical studies, technical specifications, feasibility studies, equipment testing programs, technical assistance.


  • In the Renewable Energies & Environment sector – In the Environmental Protection field, Fichtner Environment offers excellent expertise for: Environmental Management, Environment Studies, Waste Management, Engineering.


  • In the Water & Infrastructure sector – Fichtner Environment offers a wide variety of specialized services in the water and respective infrastructure sector: consulting for planning and development, designing water supply systems, designing wastewater systems, engineering.


  • In the Consulting & IT sector– Fichtner Environment provide services ranging from strategy and management consultancy, through transaction advisory services and economic consultancy, facility and operation management, up to IT consultancy, including industry-specific IT and smart energy solutions.

Our spectrum of services encompasses expert and independent counseling, from initial analysis and project conception, through engineering and contract award, up to construction supervision and facility operation. Our consulting and IT services round this off ideally. This concept allows us to pro-vide our clients with a full range of planning and consultancy services and to deliver one-stop solutions to even complex problems.

Our system of values and our conduct

Our core principles for good and sustainable business relations with our partners are honesty, responsibility and integrity. We wish to provide some guidance in this respect so that our engineering and consultancy services can be provided in an expert and professional manner. To this end, we set out the basic principles that underlie our decision-making processes and clarify our supported standards of conduct.

The best solution for the client

When advising our clients, we attach prime importance to what is best for the client. In this respect, too, we are committed to independence, credibility and integrity.

We provide top-quality services in a competitive environment

We are focused on performance and committed to the competition rules governing the market-place. We efficiently provide our clients with services of the highest quality. This challenge is our motivation to deliver excellent services and to continuously consolidate and develop our position as a leading engineering and consultancy firm. In the competitive environment of the marketplace, we are concerned to ensure the quality of our services. Proposals and outcomes which could compromise our high-quality standards are out of the question. Nevertheless, we turn a critical eye to the search for perfection in terms of cost and use of resources. To this end, we develop suitably balanced and pragmatic solutions.

We act responsibly

We act responsibly in our relations with clients, contractors, Business Partners, the general public, our company and our staff. We are courageous and, when called for, we do not shy away from risks.

We attempt to make such risks manageable and calculable for ourselves while limiting the loss potential. In particular, when it comes to integrity risks, we act responsibly and apply outmost precautions to ensure full compliance with our Compliance Management System.

We take sustainability seriously

We are committed to sustainability and conservation of resources. We seek solutions that are sustainable and that protect the environment. As far as possible, the solutions proposed should minimize any existential threat to future generations.

We are performance-oriented and fair while promoting creativity and innovation

We promote creativity by allowing our members of staff the freedom to develop an open working atmosphere in which constructive criticism and teamwork play key roles. A transparent and fair management structure, the delegation of responsibility and a system of staff appraisals form the frame-work of a performance-encouraging environment that spawns creativity. We believe that innovation demands creativity and that they are in fact two aspects of the same process. An open working atmosphere should be one in which conventional wisdoms can be questioned and in which new ideas are welcome. This means that we constantly need to question our own position and to show respect and tolerance for the opinions of others. If we as a team are to come up with creative and innovative solutions, this calls for objectivity when evaluating how we approach a problem.

We act with tolerance and humanity

We are tolerant and do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious beliefs or ideology. It goes without saying that we show open-mindedness and respect in our dealings with other cultures. We act with tolerance and humanity in our dealings with each other. Tolerance, humanity, fairness, openness and respect in relations with clients, contractors, Business Partners and work colleagues are important concerns of ours. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and for us our employees’ health and safety is a key concern. This includes compliance with necessary and statutory standards for a healthy and safe working environment as well as socially responsible working practices.

We have high standards of integrity and do not tolerate any misconduct

In our work, we are committed to compliance with the laws, ordinances, applicable regulations and our internal rules as well as to high standards of ethics and integrity. We condemn and prohibit any criminal behavior or any other misconduct such as fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion and obstruction. We do not tolerate conflicts of interest between the actions of employees and the company or our clients and Business Partners. Managers at Fichtner, above all the respective company managers, set an example in being law-abiding and behaving honestly and with integrity. Equally, we expect our staff members and Business Partners to act in this way. In doing so, we strengthen our credibility, integrity and compliance with ethical standards.

The Board of Management