In the field of air power lines, Fichtner Environment provides:
• line services design, lay-out of piles on the profile, static calculation of the piles and concept design drawings.
These works are performed in accordance with all applicable international standards requested by our clients:
– ASTM, NF, DIN, IEC, ISO – for piles
– ASTM, DIN, BS, ISO – for antennas
– IEC, NESC, BS- for high voltage lines
– IEC, ASTM – for tests
• consultancy services: technical studies, technical specification, feasibility studies, equipment testing programmes, technical assistance

Ficthner Environment also holds an impressive portfolio in respect to:
– Science activities
– Cooperation with University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
– Activities in the IEC Committees in Romania
– Attending CIGRE
– Attending national and international conferences and symposiums.

All activities are undertaken completely on the computer, by using modern software and platforms, such as:
– PLC-CADD (U.S.A) – for the line lay-out and design
– TOWER (U.S.A)- for the static calculation of the lattice towers
– SPOLE (U.S.A) – for the static calculation of the tower poles
– SAG-SEG (U.S.A)- for the mechanical calculation of the wires
– MS OFFICE, MS Project and AUTOCAD.